#340 Alex Holmes: Masculinity & Mental Health

Alex Holmes is an award-winning podcaster and writer from London. He has been hosting and producing podcasts since 2016 including Mostly Lit, which was named by the Guardian and the BBC as one of the top podcasts of 2017 and won the Best British Podcast award at the 2018 British Book Awards. He now hosts the Time to Talk podcast, which focuses on mental health. His new book Time To Talk: How Men Think About Love, Belonging and Connection. The book debunks lingering myths around masculinity, love and connection by exploring what causes this sense of loneliness. Sharing his experiences as a young Black British man, Time to Talk is a love letter to all the men who have lost their way and to the women that love them. He encourages us to open up and share, moving from Ignoring to Acknowledging, Being Closed to Opening Up, Avoiding to Embracing. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Order Alex's book here: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/9781789562217


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