#320 A Deep Dive Into Cryptocurrency: Nick Jones, CEO of Zumo

*This is a sponsored episode with Zumo.* I've wanted to do a deep dive episode on the topic of cryptocurrency for ages. Nick Jones, the CEO of Zumo (a new cryptocurrency wallet app) was a great person to speak to about this. Zumo are doing great things in this space and I've always wanted to know more but I've never known where to start, where to go or what to trust. For any newbies out there like me who are interested in finding ways to make their money work harder for them, or learn more about crypto, then I think you'll enjoy this conversation. I'm asking Nick all the questions I've always wanted to know about cryptocurrency: what to look out for, where it's headed and how we can get involved in a way that makes us feel safe and secure in the process. For more information on Zumo, just go to http://short.zumo.money/download.

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