#271 Ann Friedman: What Is 'Big Friendship'?

Today's guest is Ann Friedman, one half of the popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend and now author of the forthcoming book Big Friendship, out this month (July 2020). It is a friendship bible on how to keep each other close.

This book is authored by both Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, (Aminatou has also been a guest on Ctrl Alt Delete, episode number #183 if you fancy going back and listening) and Big Friendship is a the story of their own ten-year, complex, loving friendship. They share their highs, lows, and hard-won wisdom with honesty, hilarity and compassion. They've weathered life-threatening health scares and long-distance living - and they know: the most important part of a Big Friendship is investing in each other again and again.

I absolutely loved the book! I think we need to have more honest conversations about friendship and like all other relationships, it takes work.

I hope you enjoy this episode and make sure you buy a copy of Big Friendship! https://www.bigfriendship.com/


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