#268 Renay Richardson: Equality in Audio & Broccoli Content

Renay Richardson is the founder and CEO of Broccoli Content, a company she founded in 2018.

Broccoli is a new multi-genre podcasting joint venture between Renay and Sony Music and is focused on the development and distribution of original programming. Renay is a producer who has previously worked for podcast platforms including Acast & Audible and a successful independent podcast creator in her own right - her credits including About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge and The Receipts on 1xtra from BBC Radio 1Xtra. 

In this episode we talk about Broccoli's recent brilliant initiative called The Equality in Audio Pact - which the Guardian and BBC have just signed among many others - there are the 5 points:

1 . Pay interns / No longer use unpaid interns.

2. Hire LGBTQIA+, black people, people of colour and other minorities on projects not only related to their identity.

3. If you are a company that releases gender pay gap reports, release your race pay gap data at the same time.

4. No longer participate in panels that are not representative of the cities, towns, and industries they take place in.

5. Be transparent about who works for your company, as well as their role, position and permanency.

You sign the pledge here: https://www.broccolicontent.com/equality-in-audio-pact

Hope you enjoy this episode! I loved talking to Renay about her career, the future of podcasting and making the audio space more equal. Plus, getting into podcasting; first jobs; being a CEO; sharing the mic, what 'Broccoli' means; working on Reni Eddo-Lodge's podcast, racism in audio, working in podcasting in the UK and the US. 

On making About Race: "we were right, we were ahead, you get punished for having vision and for seeing the future and what is actually needed. We were held back and restricted in what we did."

Please go and follow Broccoli Content and check out their amazing podcast series ANTHEMS: http://hyperurl.co/anthemspodcast


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