#253 Selina Barker: How To Stay Sane When Working From Home

This episode is dedicated to all things Working From Home with the brilliant life coach Selina Barker. Selina is a life design and career change coach, writer, podcast host, co-founder of Project Love and creator of the Goodbye Hello journal. She is someone who gives very practical advice around designing your day and avoiding burn out so I thought she'd be the perfect guest for this week. She saved the day.

Right now she is working on her first book - all about how to break out of the burnout cycle and learn how to thrive in a fast-paced modern world. Due to be published by Octopus in early 2021. If you enjoyed this conversation you can also listen to her every week on the Project Love podcast!

In this episode, we dig into how to stay sane when working from home; how to set psychological boundaries when our physical boundaries have temporarily gone, and how to get a new routine on the go. I loved Selina's tips: the permission to unplug, step away from Zoom, setting up morning routines, working a shorter day, having breaks, setting boundaries, how to notice when anxiety is triggering old habits, and being kind to yourself.  

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