#252 Anna Mathur on Reframing Our Anxiety

My guest today is with psychotherapist and anxiety expert Anna Mathur. I wanted to do a special episode on how to deal with anxiety and anxious feelings, especially circumstantially around what is happening right now with Covid-19 and our daily lives looking very different right now.

Anna is passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room and into general accessible spaces, empowering people to use simple techniques that will help them reframe the way that they think on a daily basis, and she has run hugely popular online courses on Reframing Anxiety - so wanted to bring you an episode with some accessible mental health advice during this tough time we're all going through.

I apologise about the audio quality of my side of the conversation, it turns out my mic wasn't plugged into properly, and I am still adjusting to this new set up of remote recording, so I hope you don't mind too much as I think it was a valuable conversation and I loved Anna's tips on how staying calm and staying present during stressful times.

Anna's book Mind Over Mother, Every Mum’s Guide to Worry and Anxiety in the First Year is out on May 14th), and here is the link to the Reframing Anxiety course that we discuss within the episode.

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