#248 BONUS: How To Make a Self-Care Podcast (with Forever35)

Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! When I was in LA earlier this year, I did a little podcast swap with one of my favourite podcasts across the pond called Forever 35 at Kate's house in sunny California. It’s hosted by friends and writers Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer who dive into the self-care practices that we all text our friends about — from which serums they’re using right now to finding a great therapist, navigating the challenges of friendship, and what they’re making for dinner. No topic is off-limits, and Doree and Kate get into it with humour, honesty along with great guests. It’s one of those podcasts I listen to if I’m travelling solo, having a bath or want something comforting on in the background.

So I hope you enjoy this little bonus episode. We recorded at Kate’s house and had a natter. We discussed everything from starting a self-care podcast, beauty, feminism and why Kate has decided to quit Twitter.

 And if you want more, I appeared on their podcast too, so check out my episode on the Forever35 podcast, we discussed everything from making a podcast into a business to solo travel to mental health practices when working freelance.


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