#220 JP Watson: The Art of Crowdfunding A Book

PRE-ORDER SABOTAGE HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poundproject/the-pound-project-part-six-emma-gannon/description

My guest is JP Watson, a writer, editor and the founder of The Pound Project, an independent publisher based in Birmingham. I've been following The Pound Project since pledging for previous books launched on the platform: including Jordan Stephens, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. JP started the company from a simple premise: is a good story worth something? 

I am really excited to announce that I have a launched a special limited edition pocket-sized book, with the Pound Project called Sabotage. It's a book all about a topic close to my heart (self-sabotage!) and in the book I investigate my own relationship with it and ask some experts too. Why do so many of us succumb to its temptation. Procrastination, jealousy, negativity, guilt: how can we overcome the obstacles that keep getting in our way? It's the evil stepsister to imposter syndrome and I couldn't find much on the topic so I decided to write something myself.

So why did I partner with JP and the Pound Project?

JP believes that reading and writing are incredibly valuable, and he set up an affordable, sustainable, democratic platform where content is paid for (starting from just £1) where writers receive an equal share. 

How does it work? To get involved and back SABOTAGE you pay just £1 if you want to read or hear my piece online. Or, if you would prefer it in print, for a mere £5 we will send you a beautiful pocket-sized book. You can also get signed copies, tote bags, t-shirts and personalised content if you want to invest a little bit more. 

Importantly, all of the company's output is made using ethically sourced and environmentally friendly materials. The company only produces what it is sells for a limited time while campaigns are live. Nothing is wasted.

It all contributes to a movement dedicated to the power of storytelling.

For more info and to back the current project, head to www.poundproject.co.uk

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