#213 Leah Hazard: Burnout In The NHS

Today's guest is Leah Hazard, bestselling author and a NHS midwife. We recorded this episode on a sunny day in Edinburgh, in a lovely brand new suite in the Market Street Hotel - so a huge thank you to them for kindly letting us use it to record!

Leah studied at Harvard and then left a career in television to pursue her lifelong interest in women’s health after the birth of her first daughter. She soon began working as a doula, supporting women in pregnancy and attending numerous births in homes and hospitals across the country. The birth of Leah’s second daughter prompted Leah to make the leap into midwifery.

Her book Hard Pushed is a Sunday Times bestseller published by Penguin. Her book paints a realistic picture of what happens behind the scenes in labour wards, and informs the reader on the many different roles midwives take on. Leah explains why the midwives we often see on TV or in pop culture sometimes create a simplistic and unhelpful impression of what actually goes on. In this episode we mainly talk about her book and the important topic of burnout within the NHS. Please rate and review if you enjoyed it!

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