#211 Otegha Uwagba & Polly MacKenzie on Self-Employment, Managing Your Money & Mental Health (Recorded LIVE with NatWest)

Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete. This episode is a special live recording in partnership with Natwest (#ad). I recently featured in a video with NatWest and Refinery29 looking at the challenges the modern workforce faces, with a spotlight on finances. We discussed mental health, late payments and how to prepare to quit your job. So this time I wanted to ask two very knowledgeable people their thoughts on these topics. Recorded Live with Natwest at RocketSpace in London, Polly, Otegha and I discussed some of the insights from the early stages of a piece of research NatWest and Demos have been undertaking into the financial lives of the modern liquid workforce. The aim of the research is to identify what changes or solutions the financial services industry could make to improve the financial lives of people like myself and I’m sure many of you listening to this podcast. The 'liquid workforce' is an umbrella term for a variety of jobs that don’t fit the 9 – 5 (I hadn't actually heard of it before) consisting of gig-economy workers, partial-freelancers and different types of self-employment. In many ways it's a great time to be going it alone, running a side-hustle or working flexibly, but there's also many challenges we still face as our working lives and working cultures continue to change and evolve. This is particularly true as some sectors are still slightly behind the curve in catering for us, be that childcare services, housing or banking. In this episode I chat to Otegha Uwagba (founder of Women Who and author of forthcoming book We Need To Talk About Money) and Polly Mackenzie (CEO of Demos and founder of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, a charity working to break the link between financial difficulty and mental health problems). Hope you enjoy!


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