#183 Aminatou Sow: On The Future Of Tech & Imposter Syndrome (LIVE from The Greenespace in New York)

Thrilled to bring you today's guest, one of my favourite New York-based podcasters, Aminatou Sow! She is a true multi-hyphenate: a digital strategist, writer, influencer, co-host of wildly popular podcast 'Call Your Girlfriend' and co-founder of Tech LadyMafia. She was recently named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in tech. This episode was recorded live at WNYC's The Greenespace in New York City! Huge thank you to the team at WNYC for making this happen: Clemency Burton-Hill, Cameron Thompkins, Chase Culpon and Jennifer Sendrow and everyone at New York Public Radio. I had such a brilliant evening! Part two will be uploaded soon, which includes the audience Q&A. What a special evening. We discuss tech, mental health, imposter syndrome and how we all need to get better at rooting for ourselves (and we should trust nobody.)

Quotes from this episode that I love:

- "The truth is, no one knows anything."

- "Patriarchy is a scam. Whiteness is a scam."

- "Everybody lies about being an expert."

- "You should trust yourself more, and other people less."

- "Your podcast doesn't need to be perfect."

- "Young people are idiots. We live in a culture of 30 under 30, or 5 under 5 or whatever."

- ​"​There is no shame, there is truly no shame in needing help.​"​

​- "We've never at a president who's been open about mental health. you have the worst job in the world and you're telling me you don't get a little bit depressed?"

- "I hope we can get to a point where the people who represent us in politics actually understand how technology works. They're still figuring out how to attach pictures to email, and the rest of us are getting eaten by robots."

- "Instead of saying 'why does that person have that??' think 'how do I get that for myself?"


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