#172: Joanne McNally: On Comedy, Political Correctness & Storytelling

The comedian Joanne McNally is one of my favourite new discoveries from the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She burst onto the Irish comedy scene in 2014 and in less than a year became the co-host on RTÉ 2’s flagship comedy show Republic of Telly, co-wrote and starred in the stage show Separated At Birth a comedy about her adoption and performed sold out solo stand up shows all over Dublin. She's been nominated for multiple Dublin Fringe Festival awards including Best Performer and Best Production and been a guest on many late night TV shows.

Now, she's signed with famous comedy management Off The Kerb, and moved to London! We sat down in her offices to have a chat about everything, from how she got into comedy, how she finds inspiration for her shows, how to handle tough crowds, and her struggles from body image to break ups.

I love this episode and hope you do to!


"i don't want to be very PC. I'm not a worthy comic. I'm not trying to make a massive point about anything. I just want to have a good time, and I want my audience to have a good time."

"I have earnest fatigue." 

"i don't want to be one of those tragedy tourists who are just constantly rolling out their sad stories to get likes."


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