#157: Jodi Picoult: A Spark Of Light

Jodi Picoult ​is the bestselling author​ of 25 novels.​​ Her books have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into​ almost 50 languages.

​In this episode -- (recorded live at Foyles Charing Cross as part of Jodi's UK tour) -- we discuss her newest book A Spark Of Light, which centres around women, choice and abortion rights in America​. It unravels backwards, with characters held hostage in an abortion centre in Mississippi. As the novel goes on, you start to realise what brought all the different characters there.

Jodi has always centred her novels around important topics. In her novel Nineteen Minutes, she wrote about the aftermath of a school shooting in a small town, and it was her first book to debut at number 1 on the New York Times best-seller list. Her book Change of Heart, published on March 4, 2008, was her second novel to debut at number 1 on that list.​ One of the books she might be also best known for is My Sister's Keeper, which was made into a film starring Cameron Diaz. In her book, Small Great Things​, she tackled racism and white supremacy.

In 2016, Jodi joined the advisory board of Vida: Women in Literary Arts, which is a "non-profit feminist organization committed to creating transparency around the lack of gender parity in the literary landscape and to amplifying historically-marginalized voices, including people of color; writers with disabilities; and queer, trans and gender nonconforming individuals."

Quotes from the episode:

"When women don't tell their stories, narratives are written for us. And they are narratives of blame and shame."

"Women's rights are universal rights."

"We have to reach across the aisle. We have to speak to people who think differently to us. Instead of judging and talking, you have to sit back and listen, and hope they will give you the grace to do the same thing."


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