#148: BONUS episode: How Connected Will We Be In The Future?

This episode of Ctrl Alt Delete is in collaboration with CityFibre, talking all about connectivity and the future of tech. I wanted to do an episode on the future of work, tech, modern cities and Internet connection. Chatting to me on these topics is Laura Osborne who works with CityFibre. Laura’s background is in public affairs, government communications and more recently consumer campaigning. She was Which?’s first Head of Corporate Affairs, working with businesses to improve the banking, energy and telecoms markets for consumers.

Now she is helping to lead the campaign calling on the Advertising Standards Authority to change the rules on how “fibre” is used in broadband adverts, so that consumers are no longer misled. In this episode we talk about the impact of smart technology in our homes, online doctors, digital assistants who can pick up on your mood and health data, how the internet connection you have matters, how connectivity affects or can improve the way we work and lots more. We also discuss how in 2016, only 5% of engineering modern apprenticeships were taken up by women, and how only 24% of those in digital technology jobs in the UK are women and what can be done about that. We discuss the future of modern connected cities too, as in cities like Tallinn, people engage with their government effortlessly via digital platforms that enable them to sign contracts, file their taxes, and vote. Can the UK follow? In general, we discuss what’s in store of the future of our technology as we become more and more connected. For more info on the campaign to change the broadband advertising rules visit www.coppersaurus.com. #ad


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