#275 OLIVE series: Jessica Hepburn on Life After IVF (#2)

Hello and welcome to this special OLIVE mini series — all around the topic of my debut novel OLIVE which is out TODAY! In lieu of a launch party, I’ve decided to release this 4-part series on 4 different women’s varying experiences and attitudes towards motherhood, based on the topics within the book.

The novel centres around Olive and her three best friends, Bea, Cecily and Isla. Bea is a mum of 3 who loves her busy chaotic home, Cecily is newly pregnant feeling apprehensive and excited, Isla is struggling with her fertility and undergoing IVF treatment. Olive knows that having children is not for her and recently broke up with her longterm boyfriend because he wanted to try for a baby and she didn’t — and this book explores the obstacle course of adulthood, navigating key life milestones, and how their friendships grow and change as they each figure out their own paths 

Today's guest is Jessica Hepburn is author/ arts producer, adventure activist — and one of the UK's leading patient voices on fertility, infertility, the science of making babies and modern families. Having been through eleven rounds of IVF, she has become a pioneer in raising awareness of what it means to struggle to create the family you long for, and how to live as big and bravely as possible when life doesn't go to plan. I absolutely love this episode and hearing about Jessica’s story.  

You can find out more about Jessica on her website, and order both her books here: https://www.jessicahepburn.com/books

Thanks for listening and you can now buy OLIVE from your favourite retailer.

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/book/olive/emma-gannon/9780008382728

Hive: https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Emma-Gannon/Olive/24224499

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