#108 Anna Hart: On Travel, Writing & Self-Discovery

This episode of Ctrl Alt Delete is all about travel and self-discovery. Anna Hart is my guest today, who is one of my favourite travel writers, and she has just written a book called Departures. Anna Hart writes for The Telegraph, Grazia, GQ, The Guardian and Conde Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Travel and is contributing travel editor of Stylist magazine. Her book Departures, is published by Little Brown this year exploring the world as a traveller, drawing on 10 years experience of travel writing, and she writes about the highs and lows travelling alone as a woman, showing that even the experts get it wrong (sometimes) and advice on how to get it right. I love this episode. We talk about the importance of unfiltered, non-airbrushed travel stories in a world of glossy travel on Instagram. The truth is travel arrangements can go horribly wrong, things might not go to plan, it can be scary on your own, especially a young woman with a backpack. We talk about the responsibility in only promoting brilliant places: "there's a special place in hell for people that send readers on the wrong holidays". How she wrote her book on paper, to get away from a screen, tips for overcoming travel anxiety if you're a nervous flyer and why luxury is NOT everything. I loved this quote from Anna too: "Your career in your 20s is about what you say yes to, your career in your 30s is really about what you say no to." Hope you ENJOY!


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