#107: Lucy Sheridan: How To Stop Comparing And Despairing Online

Lucy Sheridan is the World's first and only "Comparison Coach". She came on the podcast last year to talk about a book she co-authored with fellow lifecoach Jo Westwood. This time, we discuss the dreaded act on social media comparison in all it's ugliness.

Lucy is a Hay House author and life coach who specialises in her helping her clients get over the compare and despair that can be heightened via social media. She uses the #comparisonfree hashtag online spreading awareness of how to find the tools to live a comparison free life. She coaches her clients with unique, specialist coaching experiences and events. The Times' calls Lucy "one of the UK's most successful coaches", she was also recently listed in the Sunday Times Style in an article called "Meet The New Wellbeing Coaches", and she’s been featured on Oprah's 'Life Class' series multiple times.

I wanted to release this episode about comparison around Christmas time as I think it's a time when we have more time to play around online and maybe part of that means looking at what other people are doing, imagining their perfect lives and scrutinising ourselves. In this episode Lucy and I discuss what our own personal comparison triggers are, what to do when *you're* the trigger for someone else's comparison, online mental health, and setting your own personal and professional boundaries. I’m proud to be sharing this very honest episode on comparison, and I hope you enjoy it! 

You can find Lucy Sheridan here http://www.proofcoaching.com/ or on Instagram @lucysheridan.


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