#100: A Special 100th Episode Rewind

Today my 100th episode has gone live! That’s 100 guests, 100 locations, 100 different topics, over 1 million downloads and whole load of listening, from me as the host, and listeners all around the world. I think this calls for a digital celebration and some trip-down-memory-lane reflection. I wasn’t really going to do anything for my 100th episode, until I realised that no-one is responsible for shouting about anything for you – it’s up to you! If you want to say “WOO HOO” about something then do it. And hey, that’s what having a blog is for. This 100th episode is a compilation-style medley of some of my favourite interviews and some behind-the-scenes chat in between each clip about what I’ve learned and enjoyed along the way, including snippets from Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Will Young, Deborah Frances-White and Nimko Ali.


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