Part 10 :: Loose Ends

Estelle Thorpe’s motley band of curiosity seekers uncovered more than they bargained for. Their fanciful investigation of occult curios led to a madwoman’s plot to summon an unholy entity. Miraculously, the team staved off the apocalypse and survived... but not unscathed…

Now that the immediate danger has passed, they've got more than a few questions about the sinister and disturbing whys and wherefores that set them on this dire quest in the first place. Are there answers to be found? And if so, are our investigators prepared to face them?

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Written by:

Cap Blackard and Luke Stram

Cast (In Order of Appearance):

Cap Blackard as The Narrator/ The Announcer

Joshua LaForge as Moses Ruben Cubbenfield

John Sebastian LaValle as Oswald Sinclair

Melody Perera as Anjana Ramakrishnan

boR as Kenneth Roger

Nicky Holland as Cherry Featherbottom

Cap Blackard as Estelle Thorpe

Luke Stram as The Keeper

Doug Banks as Baron Percy "T-Bone" Barker

Luke Stram as McLeonard

Musical Spotlight: A Little More Life by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys

Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn

Sound Design: Colin Peterson

Editing: Colin Peterson & Cap Blackard

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