Part 8 :: Dénouement

The theatre is a magical place. A place where fact becomes fiction, fantasy becomes flesh… the human experience is laid bare! Fitting then that Boston’s Monarch Theater should be the site of a horrendous ritual that also happens to be a stage play... a diabolical work called The King in Yellow.

If performed, it wouldn't just be the dénouement for our heroes, but perhaps the world as we know it.

Written & Performed by:

Luke Stram – The Keeper

Cap Blackard | boR | Nicky Holland | Joshua LaForge | John Sebastian LaValle

Cast (In Order of Appearance):

Cap Blackard as The Narrator/ The Announcer

Melody Perera as Anjana Ramakrishnan

Cap Blackard as Estelle Thorpe

Jonathan Fleming as The Bostonian

John Sebastian LaValle as Oswald Sinclair

Joshua LaForge as Moses Ruben Cubbenfield

Nicky Holland as Cherry Featherbottom

boR as Kenneth Roger

Cynthia Beckert as Mildred Elias

Luke Stram as Woodrow Elias

James Barbarossa as Pelham Grenville

Musical Spotlight: Jolene by Michael Kelly

Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn

Sound Design: Colin Peterson

Editing: Colin Peterson & Cap Blackard

Story Editing: Cap Blackard

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