Cthulhu Cthommentary: The Black Birth - Terror Comes A-Knocking

Cthulhu Cthommentary is an episode by episode exploration of the dark recesses of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program - exclusive to Patrons.

Since our show is both improvised storytelling and historical fiction… there’s a lot that doesn’t make it to the final product.. But in Cthulhu Cthommentary, we share ALL our secrets: the roleplaying paths not taken, the obscure historical and cultural references, and a lot more. New episodes release weekly and are available at Patreon.com/OminverseMedia.

Discover what awaits you with our Cthommentary for "Terror Comes A-Knocking" - the first episode of Series 1, "The Black Birth".

Hear showrunner, Cat Blackard, Keeper Luke Stram, and Sound Designer Colin Peterson reveal the origins of Father Grandfather's impactful and highly problematic entrance, explore the evolution of our RPG audio drama production style, and share early demos of the Mystery Program intro and main theme…

So, strap yourselves in… and dare to gaze into the undulating chasm, beyond the veil, beyond the mystery… and into the horrifying and hilarious truth… The full Cthommentary episode log: https://bit.ly/2X29LBr


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