True Crime podcasts, teaching and the changing notions of identity: Kate McCaffrey

Kate McCaffrey is an acclaimed author of young adult fiction and now she’s written her first adult novel. 

DOUBLE LIVES is a story within a story following Amy, Journalist trying to establish herself in Western Australia again after time away working in Melbourne. 

Amy has the idea to do a podcast and the season one case she focuses on is the murder of young transgender woman Casey Williams. 

Upon arrest, Casey’s boyfriend Jonah Scott confessed to her murder immediately and pleaded guilty. But Amy thinks there’s more behind this shocking crime and delves into the cult run by Jonah’s family and its potential involvement in Casey’s murder. 

The story explores identity, truth and acceptance in a compelling way. It’s my first time reading Kate’s work and I’ll be reading her young adult books, which have been on secondary school reading lists for a number of years.

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