Taking on hyper-masculinity through dark crime fiction: John Byron

The book we are going to talk about in this episode is one of my stand-out reads this year. Debut author John Byron’s dark, thrilling crime fiction THE TRIBUTE sees a tough, blokey Sydney Detective Dave Murphy chasing a serial killer obsessed with a 16th century anatomy text called The Fabrica. And his art historian sister Jo joins the hunt as well. 

The Tribute is a tantalising blend of medical-forensic and police procedural that has an important issue underpinning the narrative - what is to be a man in modern Australian society? I love crime fiction that is dark and character-driven and The Tribute is exactly this - it’s jaw-droppingly good! 

Your host is Emily Webb author of:

·    Suburban True Crime: Cases you’ll never forget and some you’ve never heard of 

·    Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses Who Kill 

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