My characters are inspired by working in drug rehab : Kyle Perry

Kyle Perry’s debut The Bluffs is about a group of teen girls who go missing in the Tasmanian bushland with a cast of characters who are as wild as the landscape. 

His latest book The Deep centres around a family living on the rugged coastline of Tasmania, who have run a drug ring for generations using the fishing industry to ply their illegal activities. 

Born and bred in Tasmania, the island state that’s at the bottom of Australia, Kyle is also a counselor and has worked in drug and alcohol rehabs, case management and with young people. 

He knows the hecticness and bleakness of drug addiction and societal issues and pressures from his years in this field.  

It's these experiences and stories that have inspired his characters and thrilling plots.


Your host is Emily Webb

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Emily is the author of Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses Who Kill

Thanks to Kyle Perry

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