I found myself stuck in a trailer with a guy with a gun : James V. Irving

James V. Irving is a lawyer who lives in Arlington Virginia and is also the author of two crime mysteries featuring a character called Joth Proctor, also a lawyer, who finds himself in the seedy world of petty crime, strip clubs, fraud, and death.

James, who goes by Jim, was a private detective in the 1970s before he went to law school and he has some interesting tales from that time, including dressing up as a priest to get people to talk to him for some of the cases he was investigating.

Jim wrote about his time as a private detective for the excellent website crimereads.com called “What life was really like for a private detective in the 1970s”.


Joth Proctor is an under-employed, criminal defense lawyer with a marginal solo practice in Arlington, Virginia, where a mix of southern charm, shady business dealings, and Washington, D.C. intrigue pervade the story. 

Upon the suspicious death of the wife of a close friend, Proctor enters a web of drug and alcohol abuse, family real estate deceit, and friends of questionable character whose intentions are not to be trusted. An ex-athlete, Proctor is cynical but principled, world-weary and still preoccupied with Heather Burke, the woman who jilted him years ago and remains a crucial player in his professional life. 

Everyone he knows and meets seems willing to bend the law and compromise their ethical standards in the pursuit of individual self-interest. 

Proctor places his reputation at risk as he navigates a world of strip clubs, corrupt cops, con men and crooks, including the sinister Jimmie Flambeau. Increasingly isolated, Joth must live by his wits in the midst of volatile circumstances and unpredictable twists of fate that place his career, his life and the lives of those he loves in jeopardy. 

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