I would make a terrible police officer - Stuart MacBride

My entry into the work of bestselling Scottish author Stuart MacBride is his latest book No Less the Devil … and I absolutely loved it. 

This book features the character, Detective Sergeant Lucy McVeigh who is part of a team working around the clock to find a serial killer nicknamed the Bloodsmith. 

Stuart is also the author of the bestselling series of books featuring Detective Sergeant Logan McRae, set in Aberdeen. Logan was first introduced to readers in Cold Granite.

No Less the Devil is published by Bantam Press (Imprint of Penguin)

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The book Stuart recommends at the end of this episode is Everyone in My Family has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson. Stuart also mentions his Aussie author friend Adrian Highland’s book Diamond Dove.

Meaning of the Scottish word THRAWN that Stuart mentions in relation to the Scots is, according to the Scottish Language Centre, stubbornness and absolute conviction.

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