“Farmers aren’t two-dimensional, they are complex and interesting”: Richard Anderson

Australian author Richard Anderson is a second-generation farmer in Northern New South Wales where he and his wife run a beef cattle farm. Richard’s books are rural noir and authentically so because of his lived experience on the land. Richard says writing about crime allows him to “articulate my condition, to talk about my life without going on about how hard it is to be a farmer”.


I read Richard’s second crime novel, Boxed, which has one of the most inventive ways to dispose of a body that I’ve ever read.


Boxed synopsis


Dave Martin is down on his luck: his wife has left him; his farm is a failure; his house is a mess; he has withdrawn from his community and friends; and tragedy has stolen his capacity to care. He passes the time drinking too much and buying cheap tools online, treating the delivered parcels as gifts from people who care about him.

And then boxes begin to arrive in the mail: boxes that he didn’t order, but ones that everyone around him seems to want desperately. As he tries to find out the secret of the boxes, Dave is drawn into a crazy world of red herrings and wrong turns, good guys and bad, false friends and true, violence, lust, fear, revenge, and a lot, lot more. It’s not a world he understands, but is it the only one Dave can live in?

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Thanks to this week’s guest Richard Anderson. Richard’s books are published by Scribe.



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