Zack Friedman, Speaker, Entrepreneur, & Bestselling Author, on Living a Lemonade Life

Whether we know it or not, every day we choose to live a lemon life or a lemonade life. A lemon life is settling; it is unthinking; it looks safe but it is unfulfilling. And it is the life that 99% of people lead. A lemonade life is one full of purpose. It is a life led by passion to do more, help more, and contribute more. Zack Friedman, the founder of Make Lemonade and author of The Lemonade Life, has discovered the 5 steps to choosing a lemonade life. Join us as he describes how to make the change and how to make it last. 

About the Guest:

Zack Friedman helps companies and people reach their full potential. He combines his deep experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, investor and author to deliver inspiring, motivational and actionable keynotes that drive results. Through engaging storytelling and real-world examples, Zack isolates the habits and behaviors that significantly drive innovation, creativity and energy for every audience.

A Wharton MBA and Harvard alum, his thought-provoking leadership lessons have been formed by his travel to all 50 states and 30 countries. Zack has interacted with presidents, prime ministers, CEOs and billionaires – and shares his fresh insights on leadership, happiness and transformational change that will inspire you to take action.

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