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Rock Thomas is the real rags to riches success story and he is dedicated to helping others find their financial freedom. Too many people are stuck in the weeds, stuck in fear, and stuck in complacency. Rock encourages you to do what’s hard, change the labels other people have put on you, and define what you want. So much becomes easier when your mission is clear. Rock’s mission is to uplift others into living an authentic and healthy life. He followed his path towards joy, success, and freedom and now he knows that everyone has a path as well. All they need to do is believe it is there and follow it. 

About the Guest:

Rock Thomas is the World’s #1 Whole-Life-Success Expert, bestselling author, and host of the #IAmMovement Podcast. From farm boy to real estate and business guru, mentor and self-made millionaire, Rock has studied one-on-one with the world’s best teachers — Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Robert Herjavec and more — on his mission to inspire others to create their best life, on their terms. His Goalcast video alone was viewed by over 100 million people. Using tools and strategies that are proven, Rock now teaches people how to create financial freedom by leveraging their purpose and passions to live not just a successful life, but a fulfilled one. Founder of the #IAmMovement, he is known as the man who redefines lives. 

1. Host of the #IAmMovement Podcast 

2. Founder and creator of multiple mastermind groups including the M1 Mastermind, a 

community of like-minded, success-oriented individuals who are committed to living a whole-life millionaire lifestyle. 

3. Author of The Power of Your Identity & Your Epic Life Blueprint 

4. Author and trainer of Top 10 Rules of Success (the 90 day Breakthrough challenge) 

5. Creator & trainer of the cutting edge Sunday System for Success.

6. Speaker at various key personal growth and entrepreneurship events around the 

world. His speeches and content videos have been viewed over 100 million times collectively. 

7. Teacher of accelerated strategies that help entrepreneurs triple their sales and growth 

using the proprietary models of (SEC and 1% Rule) 

Finding Rock Thomas:


Facebook: @rockthomasofficial 

Instagram & Twitter: @rockthomas 

Buy his books:  

The Power of Your Identity 

Your Epic Life Blueprint 

Listen to his podcast: Rock Your Money Rock Your Life

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