Investing in Yourself & Others with Kerry Siggins

How is a leader made? Are leaders born? What needs to be done to become a leader? Kerry Siggins is here to share with us how she answered these questions. This is her incredible journey from lost drug addict to CEO of StoneAge Inc. When Kerry was hired, she was not a leader. She became one by listening to her team. She asked the right questions and worked to put their words into action. She invested in them and in turn, they trusted her. And then to take it to the next level, Kerry invested in herself. 

About the Guest:

Kerry Siggins is a speaker, podcast host, author, blogger, and the CEO of StoneAge Inc, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-pressure water blast cleaning tools and robotic equipment used in the industrial cleaning industry. Kerry was named one of Colorado's Top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals and was a finalist for Colorado CEO of the Year in 2017. Her articles have been published in various magazines, and her blog is visited by tens of thousands of readers each month. 

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