Finding Your Harmony with Ally Brooke

"For all those people who feel especially now that their lives are not going to get better that hope is lost, take it from someone who felt the same way that there is hope. And you can get through to the other side, and you can thrive."

Ally Brooke, singer, songwriter, and now author, has faced true darkness in her life. She has struggled and come up against challenges that seem unsurmountable. But she is here today to share how she found the light in the dark and how she found hope in the devastation. She is here with a message that it does get better. And she encourages us all to find our voice and conquer our fears.

About the Guest:

Ally Brooke grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Following her time in Fifth Harmony, the multiplatinum singer-songwriter kicked off her highly anticipated solo career in 2019 with back-to-back Top 40 charting singles and an impressive resume of genre-bending collaborations. A life-long entertainer, Ally competed on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars before embarking on her debut headline Time To Shine Tour in early 2020 with scheduled stops including a sold out show at New York’s Gramercy Theatre. She also appears in numerous Nickelodeon shows including Blues Clues and You, and the recent Emmy-winning “Casagrandes” where she sings the theme song and plays “Alissa.” With total career streams already in the billions, Ally is only just getting started. 

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