How Gratitude Will CHANGE Your Life With Chris Schembra USA Today’s “Gratitude Guru” & Rolling Stone Columnist Episode 226

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Taking on a positive perspective 

The principles of gratitude  

Developing strong relationships



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Show Notes: 
Do you go through life with a positive or negative mindset? Only YOU have the choice to look at life with gratitude and appreciate everyone you interact with! Sharing your gratitude with others can CHANGE your life and theirs. Leading with thanks WILL deepen your relationships in business and in your personal life. What you give out will always find its way back to you. Chris Schembra the successful Author and “Gratitude Guru” will break down the life ALTERING pasta sauce, yes you heard that right, that led him to shift his perspective and start focusing on giving thanks to those around him. It’s time to train your brain to see the good in life instead of focusing on the bad!    
About The Guest:
Chris Shembra is the best selling Author of Gratitude and Pasta, The Secret Sauce for Human Connection and as USA Today knows him, the “Gratitude Guru”! He serves as a founding member of Rolling Stone Magazine Culture Council and sits on the board at Fast Company Magazine. At his latest venture as the founder of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience he helps people utilize the evidence based framework he’s developed to strengthen client and team relationships in PROFOUND ways. 

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