How To Hold Yourself To A HIGHER Standard Of Excellence TODAY With Alan Stein Jr., Speaker, Author, & Organizational Performance Coach Episode 220

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Holding yourself to a higher standard  

Getting intune with yourself 

Continuous growth and how to keep growing no matter what 

Hacks for handling stress & burnout 


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Show Notes: 
The standard we hold ourselves to today, defines who we will become tomorrow! Start holding yourself accountable. By expanding your self awareness you can maximize your organizational skills and avoid burnout TODAY! Successful performance coach, Alan Stein Jr. is here with us to share what choices we can make to expand our capabilities and reach our fullest potential. Discover how to optimize your strengths and become the BEST version of yourself!
About The Guest: 
Alan Stein Jr. is an experienced keynote speaker, and author, but at his core he’s a performance coach with a PASSION for helping others change their behaviors. Who doesn’t want that! After 15+ years of working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet, some including superstars Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry, he’s created a customizable program to share his expertise with others! Alan’s new book, Sustain Your Game is also changing how people manage stress, avoid stagnation, and beat burnout.  
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