The Money Making Formula That Will SURPRISE You With Derrick Kinney CEO Of Good Money Framework Episode 218

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Gaining a confident money mindset 

The power of giving  

Adding value to yourself and the world around you 



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Show Notes: 
The power of giving is UNDENIABLE. You can make an impact right where you are now! Financial expert and CEO of Good Money Framework, Derrick Kinney is here to help you recognize how YOU can switch up your money mindset, and bet on YOURSELF. He’ll deep dive into his money making secret…GIVING BACK! Tune in to discover how you can make strong, dependable business relationships by continuing the cycle of generosity. Become the CREATOR of money today! 

About The Guest:
Derrick Kinney is CHANGING how you feel about money! Kinney helps thousands of clients with his proven steps to reach financial success, and believes that money is not bad and good people should have more of it. Kinney went on to sell his multi-million dollar business and now serves as the CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the influential Good Money Podcast. As a highly sought after guest, Kinney has been featured across national media where he takes complex financial topics and makes them simple to understand! 

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