Reclaim Your POWER With Iman Oubou Founder Of SWAAY Media & Miss New York US 2015 Episode 215

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Claiming your power      

Embracing your FULL identity 

Making an impact as an entrepreneur



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Show Notes: 
You possess the power to CHANGE your life; use it! Take control of your circumstances and build the life YOU want. Successful entrepreneur and former Miss New York US, Iman Oubou is here to help us learn how to showcase the BEST version of ourselves and embrace our FULL identities. If you can step into your OWN power, you’ve already accomplished the hardest part. Iman will share the nitty gritty details behind building a business from the ground up, and navigating the obstacles that come with it. You don’t have to hide or change who you are to reach your goals. Don’t be timid; reclaim your power today! 
About The Guest:
Joining us today is Iman Oubou, an American entrepreneur, author, published scientist, and National beauty pageant winner! She won the title of Miss New York United States and was second runner up at the 2015 Miss United States pageant. Known for her advocacy work, Iman has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and SO MANY more. She founded SWAAY Media in 2015, a leading publishing platform that provides writing and editorial support, and creates a thought provoking community of like minded women! 
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