The Secret To OWNING Your Power With Dalia Feldheim Founder of Uppiness & Flow Leadership Consultancy Episode 228

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Finding your purpose 

Empowering yourself and others 

The resilience model 


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Show Notes: 
We have SO much power when it comes to discovering our purpose and taking control of our lives! As an Organizational Psychologist, Happiness Professor, and Leadership Coach, our guest Dalia Feldheim is empowering EVERYONE to own their power by increasing their JOY and humanizing the workplace. So what is the key to owning your power? The first step is connecting to both your masculine AND feminine energies, and encouraging others to do the same! Dalia shares how we can THRIVE in work environments that may test our resilience or patience. Remembering to operate from a place of strength will help you utilize your growth mindset, and can lead you to develop life changing opportunities. By discovering your purpose, you will bring your strengths to life. Unleash your power and connect to your passions NOW!  

About The Guest:
Are you ready for some excitement!? Joining us today is Flow Leadership Consultancy Founder, Dalia Feldheim, who enables and inspires organizations to promote an authentic, HAPPY, and psychologically safe working environment. Dalia spent the past two decades immersed in the corporate world working as a C Suite level Global Marketing Executive for Procter & Gamble, where she led the charge on some of the world's most ICONIC ad campaigns. She is on a mission to share her happiness expertise and to help shape the new generation!  

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