How To Approach Any Conversation To Ensure You Are HEARD with Sales Expert Glenn Lundy Episode 209

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Finding opportunities you NEVER knew existed  

Creating positive experiences 

Becoming the catalyst for good in your life



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Show Notes: 
You take yourself wherever you go. That means that YOU can be the catalyst of everything good in your life. You have the ability to create greatness in your life! Dialing into your mind will allow you to attract even MORE success than you thought was possible. Glenn Lundy, automotive sales expert, is here sharing his comeback story and how he is a true testament to overcoming your villains! When you can tune into yourself and your mind, you can accomplish ANYTHING. 
About The Guest:
Today I am welcoming the host of the wildly popular show Breakfast With Champions Club, husband and father of EIGHT, Glenn Lundy! With twenty years of experience in the automotive industry he went from leading a fast paced dealership to leading the second largest used car franchise in the country, 800% Elite Automotive Club. He is more than a sales expert though, as Glenn is tapping into the mental side of human development to inspire growth in us all today!  
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