How To Build SEXUAL Chemistry, With Ashley Stahls You Turn Podcast Host Episode 225

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

Building your physical/romantic chemistry

The connection between childhood and attraction 

Masculine and feminine energy and their importance

Exploring what polyamory is and if it’s a fit for you


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Show Notes: 
Fire the villain in your mind. When you’re done with that, fire the one in your bedroom. Maybe you’re single and you don’t feel your own beauty. Perhaps you’re in a relationship and the physical chemistry has eroded over time. While I am a successful, confident, and entrepreneurial woman, it can be hard to turn off my work brain and switch to bringing the sensuality in. I can get stuck in my masculine energy. No matter our gender, we all have a blend of masculine and feminine energy, and my work brain is definitely masculine energy. I decided to choose myself and own my worth by exploring how I can shift into the mindset of physical and relational connection. With this in mind, I wanted to share a podcast episode from You Turn Podcast Host Ashley Stahl on creating physical chemistry. 

About You Turn Podcast: 
If you’re not familiar with the You Turn Podcast host Ashley, let me tell you more! She’s a former counterterrorism professional turned bestselling author, top 100 TEDx speaker, Forbes columnist, and career coach. Ashley’s work in national security and intelligence gave her an expertise on how to recognize lies…This is why her work in the world is now devoted to helping YOU be radically honest with yourself and make those necessary life “You Turns” needed to get unstuck and discover your true north– in your career and life.
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