The Key to EXPONENTIAL Success in 2022 with Aaron Bare Episode 211

In This Episode You Will Learn About: 

The exponential growth mindset

Positive self talk 

Unlearning & reprogramming our brain 


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Show Notes: 
How you talk to yourself, is EXACTLY how the rest of the world is going to talk to you too. That is why you must be aware of negative self-talk! You can grow exponentially when you let go of the negativity from the past and unlearn the harmful thought patterns you have picked up. With his award winning digital strategy firm and successful Exponential Mindset coaching program, Aaron Bare is here to share how WE can unlearn our bad habits, reprogram our minds, and create the exponential growth mindset!  
About The Guest:
I couldn’t be more excited to introduce today’s guest, Aaron Bare, who’s life’s purpose is to create 1 million exponential leaders! He is the Wallstreet Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of Exponential Theory and the creator of the XMBA - Exponential Mindset, Beliefs, And Attitudes coaching program! His innovation strategies have been implemented in over 500 companies and ALL 50 states, and was highlighted as one of the 10 leaders to watch in 2022. 

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