Steve Herz, President Of IF Management: How Your Soft Skills Are Your Biggest Accelerator Episode 59

Steve Herz shares how his experience with honest and realistic feedback have been the experiences that most propelled him into up-leveling and challenging himself to be living at his highest potential. After observing the many ways corporate culture enables and breeds mediocrity, Steve leaned into curating processes that would allow an individual to harness their soft skills, communication and connection, and take into any area of life they are looking to excel.

About The Guest:
Steve Herz is President of The Montag Group, a sports and entertainment talent and marketing consultancy. He is also a career advisor to CEOs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. Prior to joining TMG, Steve was the President and Founding Partner of IF Management, an industry leader whose broadcasting division became one of the largest in the space, representing over 200 television and radio personalities. The agency represents some of the biggest names in sports and news media, including NBC Sports Mike Tirico, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and Dan Shulman, and CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward.

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