Trying to Conceive a Bejú Baby

by Bejú Podcasts

Stacey June (The Stacey June Show/Ex The Thinkergirls) and her main man Ben Jenkins (Huband/Woke Blokes/Creative Director) join as regularly as they can agree on to chat all things baby making, relationships and family life. The story of their fertility journey has helped couples across Australia and beyond as they so openly continue to share how they navigate the hardships in starting a family after Ben's prostate cancer diagnosis.

The 1st season sees the couple honestly and rawly share their fertility journey to conceive their first baby. They cover big themes like miscarriage, grief, anger and relationships.

The first half of the 2nd season has them share their joy and elation with the birth story of their first child and sleep stories from newborn phase as they become new parents. The second half of the season has them right back where they started. Trying to conceive baby #2 with all the familiar challenges, yet all the surprising new heartbreaks in trying for a baby in the middle of a Pandemic.

Stacey and Ben live in Melbourne, Australia with their baby boy Bryn.

The couple run a Wellness Hub called The Well supporting people to evolve rather than fix. You can find more information on their website here

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