Declan Rice Worth 100m?

Loons from No behaviour Podcast joins this episode and discusses the pursuit of Declan Rice and if he is really worth 100m. We also talk Liverpool, goalkeepers, Arsenal falling off at the end of the season and more. So many random topics in this episode.


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00:00 Intro

03:17 Loon to play vets football

10:37 Top goalkeepers in the league

12:41 Aaron Ramsdale used to conceding goals

20:45 Declan Rice

26:25 Jude Bellingham worth the money

28:09 Haaland

31:40 Saka effectiveness

38:22 Kane to stay at spurs?

39:48 Ten Haag poor talent IQ

43:35 Arteta bad talent IQ too?

47:30 Can Odegaard repeat next season

54:20 Where Arsenal lost the league

54:58 Richarlison better than Jesus?

59:35 Darwin Nunez to have breakout season

1:09:01 Was Trent’s assist as good as they say

1:14:55 John Stones balling out

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