Episode 51 - May 2019

Joined by Eve and Michael again, we’re concentrating on the city and the environment.

Firstly, there’s some chat about inclusion, social value, the Preston model of local wealth-building and how corporates can contribute to the local economy and eco-system, before Michael goes on a little rant about businesses behaving badly and why awards are basically rubbish, and Vaughan goes on a rant about who really benefits from the move to lean working (clue—it’s not the employee). Then we dip into the travails of the local high street, looking at a few successes along the way, including Eve’s Chorlton. We’ll return to the latter in the next podcast.

The main section is devoted to the Mayor’s recent Green Summit. Eve makes the case for what more the city can be doing, Vaughan talks about the need to build resilience to the inevitable, and a little tiff breaks out about how much the government is doing in all this and whether climate change activism is based on facts or not. We manage to reach some sort of agreement and then Eve gets the last word.

In the final bit, all three reveal the one thing they would change about Manchester if they could, and then they each select one (though it turns out to be two) great book about or set in Manchester. Eve goes all nostalgic, Vaughan tries to be up to date and Michael avoids selecting one of his own books.