Episode 50 -- March 2019

In the first of a new format, Vaughan Allen is joined by Eve Holt and Michael Taylor to discuss all (well, many) things Manchester place, politics and future.

In the first bit (1:50 in) they run through the Mayor’s clean air proposals, and whether they can ever satisfy everyone, before moving on to recent reports suggesting local people are being priced out of the city centre housing market, with a brief aside into Manchester’s use of soft power.

Vaughan then drops out (26:00) for a updated interview with Dave Moutrey, Chief Exec of HOME and Director of Culture for Manchester city council, to review what’s happening in the cultural world and what excites Dave about the future.

Back with Eve and Michael (42:00), they launch into their main conversation—around cycling and walking in the city centre. Eve introduces the ‘Bee Network’ proposed by Chris Boardman, and the three debate the need for more education (on all sides), better infrastructure and how this all ties back into clean air.

In the final bit (01:04:00), inspired by the planned changes to Piccadilly Gardens, each nominates their favourite bit of public realm in the city, and then has one minute to talk about their favourite northern/city-based podcast, during which Vaughan gets the chance to demonstrate his lack of intellectual rigour.

All wrapped up in just over an hour. Now available on itunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. And back next month. Thanks to Blueprint Studios in Salford for editing.