Why radical collaboration is the answer to the world’s problems

William Ury has a passion for helping people, organisations and societies get to seemingly impossible yes’s - i.e. agreements that work for everyone. He's trained as a social anthropologist, he’s worked as a mediator and negotiation advisor in many of the world's toughest conflicts from the Cold War to the Middle East. And he is co-author of ‘Getting To Yes’, a 15 million copy bestseller translated into over 35 languages, and author of the award winning ‘Getting to Yes With Yourself’. He co-founded Harvard’s programme on negotiation where he currently directs the global negotiation initiative, and he’s co-founder of the climate parliament, a forum for parliamentarians and civil society to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. 

In this podcast:

  • How to get to yes
  • How to negotiate for important things
  • William’s vision for the future
  • Long term solutions for business
  • Go to the balcony
  • What does a win look like?


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