Scott Goodson

Scott Goodson is the author of Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World By Sparking Cultural Movements, the founder of creative agency StrawberryFrog and the person who brought movement marketing to the world. His groundbreaking work involves award-winning movement campaigns and innovative communications for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Today he talks about the strong appeal of purpose, empathy-based marketing, the immeasurable power of movements, why advertising has become obsolete, a response to corporate culture, why being an anthropologist will help your business, authenticity vs greenwashing, and the strange power of confidence.

On today’s podcast:

  • The strong appeal of purpose
  • Building strategies from empathy
  • What sparks movements
  • Why advertising has become obsolete
  • Movement marketing vs corporate culture
  • Being an anthropologist will benefit your business
  • Authenticity vs greenwashing
  • More optimism is needed


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