Changing the World Through Sustainable Investing

Sasja Beslik is an international financial expert known for promoting financial sustainability across the world. He has been ranked the world's most influential person within green finance. Sasja is a true sustainability pioneer who has with passion taken on several leading roles in the world of finance: as head of responsible investments, as corporate governance, as CEO, and as head of sustainable finance. And today he's leading the sustainability work at the biggest Danish commercial pension company, PFA. His work has been recognised widely, for example, as a young global leader at the World Economic Forum, and he received a medal from the Swedish King also for Outstanding Contributions within environmental and sustainability theory. He's also the author of several books, the latest one is Where The Money Tree Grows. And his weekly newsletter ESG on a Sunday, is read widely by many impact makers around the world. 

In this podcast:

  • It’s time to review the results
  • The answer isn’t driving an electric car
  • Why fleeing war changed his life
  • The power of the financial industry to bring about change


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