William Kim

William Kim is the former CEO of All Saints, a global contemporary retail and digital fashion brand. He is currently working with Lion Capital, a private equity firm specialising in investments in the consumer sector. Today William talks about why it’s important to choose a future-proof business model, why it’s important for companies to be agile, principled and sustainable, how to get globalization and digitization right, why we need to talk about average corporate board composition, why we need to remember that our job as leaders is to motivate all stakeholders and what the world needs the most at this point.

On today’s podcast:

  • Choosing a future-proof business model
  • Companies should be agile, principled and sustainable
  • Getting globalization and digitization right
  • Why we need to take about corporate board composition
  • Our job as leaders is to motivate all stakeholders
  • What the world needs the most right now


Full show notes at: http://corporateunplugged.com/podcast/

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