Episode 115: Your Primal Brain & Deal-Making with Tim Ash

Tim Ash is an international keynote speaker on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He’s also a thought leader, marketing trainer, founder of strategic conversion rate optimization agency SiteTuners. Tim has written multiple books, and is the bestselling author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions. As an industry leader he’s created over a billion dollars in value for massive brands like Google, Expedia, Nestle, Semantic, Costco, and more. He’s the founder and former chair of the worldwide Digital Growth Unleashed conference series. 

Listen in to hear about:

  • Early Experiences
  • Brain Evolution & Deal-Making
  • Neuromarketing and Evolutionary Psychology
  • Working With Your Nature
  • Unleash Your Primal Brain
  • We Are Always Negotiating
  • Due Diligence as a Deal-Maker
  • And more!

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