Bonus Episode: The Inquisition with Emma Scrivener

In his new podcast, The Inquisition, James talks to author and blogger Emma Scrivener who's battled with eating disorders and subsequently written about it from a Christian perspective in A New Name: Grace And Healing For Anorexia.

You find about more about Emma Scrivener on her website here.
A New Name by Emma Scrivener
A New Day by Emma Scrivener

Looking Shame in the Eye: A Path to Understanding, Grace and Freedom by Simon Cozens
Love Set You Going : Poems of the Heart By Janet Morley

Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
The Good God by Michael Reeves

Mercifully Short - Nativity Plays, Puppet Sketches & Readings by James Cary

Cooper and Cary Have Words podcast

The Sacred Art of Joking via Amazon UK
Or get a signed copy from James Cary here

The Inquisition webpage, such as it is, is here.

The fab theme tune is called Wicked Curiosities. Written By Matthew Wigton Performed & Produced By Dresden, The Flamingo via Soundstripe 

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